When glasses raise, llamas fly.

Introducing Fly Llama Brewing, the newest craft brewery on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We offer approachable craft beer and refreshing hard seltzer made from locally sourced ingredients. Balancing both traditional and new-aged brewing techniques, our portfolio celebrates classic styles and local Southern flavors.

Fly Llama Brewing was founded by David Reese, brewmaster and Advanced Cicerone. David is the only Advanced Cicerone in Mississippi and one of 139 in the world. This achievement requires an extraordinary understanding and distinctive expertise of beer, as well as an excellent ability to evaluate and describe flavor.

After earning a brewing degree from Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL, Reese spent several years in the industry working for various Midwest breweries. He relocated to Mississippi in 2014 to help open Chandeleur Island Brewery. He is excited to have this opportunity to open Fly Llama Brewing and truly express who he is as a brewer. 

Fly Llama Brewing will celebrate traditional styles while pushing the boundaries of brewing traditions by using unique ingredients and techniques. We are proud to have partnered with TexMalt, the most local option for a craft maltster located in Fort Worth, Texas. We are committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients while supporting local whenever possible. 

Dave Reese brewmaster, advanced cicerone and owner of Fly Llama Brewing in Biloxi Mississippi

Dave Reese is the brewmaster and owner of Fly Llama Brewing. Dave is also an Advanced Cicerone, one of only 139 in the world.

Fly Llager Beer on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Fly Llama Brewing uses both traditional and new-aged brewing techniques.

The Brewing Equipment at Fly Llama Brewing in Biloxi, Mississippi

Fly Llama Brewing is located in downtown Biloxi, Mississippi on the Gulf Coast.